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She drove to work. Her head spinning. Her heart racing. She perused the radio stations. She was looking for just the right song. Something to soothe. Uplift. Calm her heart and mind. Then she heard it, Need to Breathe. The title of the song, More Time. Isn’t that what she always wanted? Isn’t that what everyone wants? To feel like we have more time? To breathe, to live, to just be? She then heard Death Cab for Cutie. An older one, but still incredibly good. I Will Possess Your Heart. Who’s heart did she possess? Who possessed hers? Did she want anyone to have her heart or did she want to be free?

Time for a commercial. She had no time for commercials. She wanted to hear the next song. Feel the next emotion. She thrived on emotion. She flipped to the next station and heard her theme song of…

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